Add a PayPal ‘Donate’ button to WordPress

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Is your ‘Donate’ button from PayPal not working? This tutorial will clear up any problems you may be having, or help you add a PayPal donate button on your website.

Step 1

Log in to your PayPal account. On the left, click on the “Donate” tab. On the Donate page, click “Create your button now.”

Step 2

Create your button following the simple instructions on this page. You’ll have the option of showing credit card icons or using a simple button. Enter a valid email address to receive payment notification. Click “Create Button.”


Step 3

Click “Select Code” to ensure the entire code is selected, then copy the code. If you don’t know how to copy/paste, instructions are given on this PayPal page.


Step 4

While in HTML mode, paste the code into WordPress where you’d like it to appear. IMPORTANT: Before publishing, switch back to Visual mode. Otherwise, the button will appear as simple text.

Congratulations, and may you receive bountiful donations! If you’ve found this website helpful, please donate to show your support! It’s greatly appreciated.


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