Make a video of your screen on Mac

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To make a video of your screen on your Mac, there’s no need for expensive software. Your Mac has a built-in application that records crystal clear videos. The best part – it’s free!


Step 1

Click and open a Finder window. Click “Applications,” then double-click on “QuickTime Player.”


Step 2

In QuickTime Player, click “File,” then click “New Screen Recording.”

Step 3

Before you begin, select the microphone settings. If you want to record sound, click the arrow on the right-hand side in the main “Screen Recording” window. A menu will drop down and under the “Microphone” category, choose the appropriate setting. Note: The “Built-in Microphone” option is the mic that comes standard with your Mac.


Step 4

After you’ve selected the microphone settings, you’re ready to record. Just click the red button, and click on “Start Recording.”

Step 5

To stop recording, click “Stop Recording” in the menu bar. It’s located at the top of your screen on the right-hand side near the volume button and date/time. You can also stop recording by pressing Command-Control-Esc.

Step 6

Unless you’ve changed the “Save To” settings in the drop-down menu, your video recording will be saved in the “Movies” folder under Home > Movies, and will be named “Screen Recording.mov”


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