Wild Cow Catchers

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When famed cowboys Travis and Wheeler Ericsson called and asked if I could have a live site ready in one week, I accepted the challenge. The duo didn’t have any idea what they wanted their site to look like, nor did they have any content prepared. All they knew was they needed a site to advertise their upcoming video release of “Wild Cow Catchers.” They were set to be featured in Western Horseman magazine that month and wanted to include a link to the website in the article.

I immediately went to work writing a short bio of the brothers and viewing recent photographs they had compiled. I chose to use a tan and gold color scheme with maroon and wood accents, and since their video wasn’t yet prepared, I used the photographs provided to create a preview video that auto-plays when users visit the site. The Ericssons also wanted to advertise their rawhide braiding and “ranch experience” businesses, so I took photos of their work, added custom graphics, tied them in with clean typography and wrote more original copy. I then added a contact page, optimized the site, checked for browser compatibility and previewed it to the brothers.

They were very pleased with the results. The site went live that week and received over 200,000 individual hits within the first four days. Not bad for a couple of boys that didn’t have email addresses when I started ….

I later updated the site to include screen shots and links to their article. I also added a page for video clips once they became available.

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